Meet The Team






As a Chemical Engineer, Ryan brings a different perspective and a fresh attention to detail to the business. He is keen to constantly improve our corporate systems and technologies as well as explore new ways of improving all aspects of the business.



As an Electrician, Daniel had a long association with IFS, building switchboards and other equipment and assisting customers with all things electrical. As a Director of the company he is keen to explore new products and technology to assist customers in their day to day farm processes. Taking over where his father left off Daniel is our primary contact for Environment Control Equipment.


Kevin is our primary contact for Automated Environment Control Systems for Pig, Poultry and Horticulture as well as integrated alarm systems, Incubation & Rearing Equipment. He also handles issues relating to the supplementation, medication or vaccination of birds and animals. Kevin maintains a strong focus in the Automatic Drinking and Feeding areas of our business and would be happy to assist you if he’s not already on the phone helping someone else or searching the fridge for his daily Iced Coffee fix.

Graeme brings a wealth of experience in customer service to the IFS team. Directly responsible for the Animal Health sales on a day to day basis Graeme is also responsible for purchasing and ensuring stock is available as and when it's needed. Graeme has a genuine sense of urgency about every order and does his very besy on every occasion to deliver the product on time wherever possible. Just don't mention weekend sports if Port Adelaide, Leeds United or Manly lose in their respective sports and if all 3 lose, speak to someone else when you call! (just kidding!) 


The youngest member of the team Tobin is responsible for stock control, receiving, storing, packing and shipping of orders as well as the occasional pick up or delivery to transport depots etc. Always happy to help customers Tobin greets everyone with a big smile. Tobin loves Golden North Giant Twins ice cream so don't get between him and the freezer on a hot day! 

Responsible for the receipt and payment of all things financial and can assist with administrative enquiries and invoice copies, account balances and maintenance etc. Barbara works Tuesdays and Fridays most weeks (allowing for public holidays) 




13/10/1954 - 19/10/2016

Martyn began his career with Red Comb Chemicals in South Australia before becoming the Equipment Manager. As national agents for Big Dutchman and Agrologic, Red Comb Chemicals was sold and became Agcare Pty Ltd. Shortly after, in 1991 Martyn started his own business Intensive Farming Supplies and by 1993 moved his home business to Cavan where it remains to this day. After 25 years of faithfully serving the Pig & Poultry Industries in Australia, IFS continues to pursue excellence in products and service. Martyn has passed his business to two of his three sons Ryan and Daniel who are keen to see the business continue the growth it has had over many years. With Agrologic continuing to be a major supplier and other more recent manufacturers coming on board the IFS team look forward to supporting existing and new clients for many years to come. Martyn's contribution to the team has been instrumental in its growth and each staff member is saddened to lose both a boss and a friend. He will be greatly missed by all at IFS