Drinking Systems




Broiler Nipple and Splash Cup


The Lubing 360 degree plastic & stainless steel TOP nipple operates with side action and suits low pressure systems. This nipple comes apart in 3 sections. Pictured here with a one arm splash cup for catching drips and keeping litter dry.


$2.20 - Nipple


$1.10 - Cup

Broiler Nipple (Stainless Steel)


The Lubing 360 degree stainless steel TOP nipple operates with side action and suits low pressure systems. This nipple comes apart in 3 sections and also suits the plastic splash cup pictured above. Also great for rats and mice





Layer Nipple


The Lubing layer nipple features an up / down action and comes as a single assembly which remains in one piece. The internal parts being stainless steel with an outer plastic body. It is a low pressure nipple suitable for all poultry.





Poultry Nipple Systems

At IFS we pride ourselves on being able to supply a wide range of drinking systems and spare parts to suit most brands, these include:

  • Big Dutchman
  • Chore-Time
  • Corti
  • Cumberland
  • Lubing
  • Plasson
  • Swish
  • Tigsa
  • VAL
  • Ziggity

Please contact us for pricing on your individual needs 



Drinker Cups 


The 108A Plastic poultry drinker is a low pressure drinker, ideal for caged birds and comes complete with saddle to connect to 20mm diameter pipe.



Tigsa T20   


The Tigsa T20 set of 5 chick drinkers. This set includes saddle connector, in-line filter / splitter and each drinker can have an adjustable water level. Also suitable for Quail.



Tigsa T40


The Tigsa T40 is a single hanging drinker with adjustable water level. As the unit fills the weight of the water closes the suspended valve to restrict further water flow. This drinker operates on low pressure and includes a ballast bottle to reduce movement when knocked by birds.






Bottle Cup Drinker

Low pressure drinker assembly for poultry can be mounted anywhere. Additional cups sold separately.                                                                                                                                                            



$60 - 2 Cup (Black) assembly

$22 - Drum only

$15.60 each - Cup only


Dine-a-Chook Drinker

Available with 2 drink cups and hanging brackets this drinker comes with a 4lt holding capacity and removable lid for easy filling. Alternatively we also offer a 4 cup manifold for connection to a drum or pressure regulator. 











$60.00 - 2 Cup (Red / Yellow) Assembly                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


$104.50 - 4 Cup (Red / Yellow) Assembly                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       





Monoflo Pig Nipples

Stainless Steel pig nipples in bite and push styles. 1/2" and 3/8"                                                                                                                                                            







Budget High / Low Pressure Drinkers


These drinkers handle low or mains pressure water supply and come complete with float valve assembly and half inch BSP male connector. Available in nylon and stainless steel versions with a capacity of 4 litres. These drinkers are suitable for a wide range of livestock. Nylon version features a plastic drain plug for easy cleaning.


$80 - Stainless Steel


$66 - Nylon



Galvanised Metal Drinkers


Hanging bird drinkers in 1lt, 2lt, 3lt and 9lt. Spring water bottle bases suitable for poultry and an offset version suitable for dogs and other animals       






Plastic Spring Water Drinker


Clear Polycarbonate no longer available.

Now supplied in White High Density Poly Ethylene


15lt Bottle          

Base                     $27.50

Combo Pack      $45.00 *Currently unavailable