Environmental Control  


Image III

The Image III is a state-of-the-art, multi-function micro-processor system for large poultry farms. With a large colour touch screen display. It is very user friendly with central PC management available. (You can even monitor your sheds via your mobile phone). Capable of switching up 32 relays using the Agrologic 32R Relay Box. Comes with 5 temperature sensors (4 x inside / 1 x outside)

Vision  24S

The Vision 24S combines the trusted reliability of the former Vision 911 controller but with 24 relays included in the same enclosure making this unit irresistibly priced. This is the largest controller in the range with built in relays. Ideal for controlling the environment in large poultry sheds this unit comes with an LCD display for easy viewing and is also capable of being managed from your PC or mobile phone. Comes with 4 temperature sensors (3 x inside / 1 x outside)

Temptron T616

The temptron 616 is a low cost controller with two temperature sensors. Designed with intermediate to large poultry sheds in mind. With 16 in-built relays and a variety of programs this unit is extremely flexible and ideal for smaller broiler / breeder farms and larger egg layer farms.

Temptron 610

The Temptron 610 is designed for farms at the smaller end requiring less functions ie layer farms where a maximum of 10 output relays would be suitable. This unit also comes with two temperature sensors.

Temptron 607A

The Temptron 607 is a reliable, eight-stage micro controller suitable for both poultry and piggery installations. This unit can also be linked to your PC. This model is also available as a T607A-C which hosts a time clock for use when controlling feeder times or lighting on and off times. With two sensors

Temptron 304 

The Temptron 304 is a low cost four-stage micro-processor controller with a single temperature sensor, capable of temperature sensing and control with the addition of a humidity sensor it can also sense and controlthe internal shed envrionment to improve humidity as well as temperature.

IFS Custom 304 Dual Curtain Controller

This specially modified T304 includes a second temperature sensor and can control 2 seperate  (24V or 240V) curtains independently.



Aclimatron 107

The Aclimatron 107 controller is a simple 4 output control unit that was especially designed to operate cooling systems in poultry and pig houses. Complete with 1 sensor.



Cellink 4G

The AgroLogic cellink system uses the GSM phone network to communicate alarm messages from up to 8 sheds to your mobile phone and can also be used to remotely turn on or off up to 4 devices.



Contactor/Switch Panels

Contactor/Switch Panels can be built to suit your individual needs. This allows all your control equipment to be housed in one compartment, complete with manual overrides and any optional equipment you desire.


Munters - AC-2000 3G Unit

Instead of struggling with individual thermostats for heat zones and ventilation. The Munters AC-2000 3G brings them all together into one convenient place with great accuracy. 

Full control via a PC (both locally and remotely) is possible by installing a Communication Card or by connecting the Controller to a Communicator 2 or Comm-Box

Support 20 relays

Alarms sent in case of malfunction enable fast response times.

Digital inputs provide data on the feed counter, water meter, and wind direction

0 to 10 volt analog outputs enable control over light dimmers, variable speed fans, and other functions



Munters - Platinum Pro

Munters Platinum Pro, the Next Generation in Climate Control, provides poultry and livestock farmers with vastly expanded capabilities. Besides providing complete control over all aspects of house management (including climate control, feed and water management, and more), the Platinum Pro’s upgraded functionality is designed for large buildings and extends this control to new levels. Platinum Pro supports management over multiple extension units and input/output devices, allowing simple management over even the largest operations

Improved software capabilities support an unlimited number of devices, including scales, meters, digital thermostats, and more

Minimal internal heat improves durability in hot climates

Simplified troubleshooting enables detecting faulty cards easily and quickly


Munters - Trio Poultry Unit

Munters Trio is the next step to precision farming. Taking your poultry farm to the next level.

Intuitive and user friendly interface

Dynamic ventilation

Cloud service with Trio Air app

High resolution, 10" display.

Connect to standard LAN infrastructure.



Munters - Communicator 2

This combination of data, alarms, and control. Gives you an unprecedented ability to handle any problems or issues that come up, in real time. What this means is that anyone with access to the Web or the Cloud can fully manage their farm controllers, by employing one easy-to-install and easy-to-use device.

Cloud-based access to controllers

Multiple communication pathways options (internet, telephone, wireless).

Status reports provide critical information on house functions and animal statistics.

Connects to peripheral devices, such as a printer or computer screen.




Munters - Extra Features

RBS          Floor and hanging scales for active weighing of birds 

RHS+     Humidity Sensors

USB       RS-485 Driver

RLED 2.0 & RLD14 Light Dimmers




Pola HP-11 Thermostat

With a large digital display this thermostat can be easily read at a distance. Highly accurate, this unit can be used to control a single heating or cooling function. Available in wall mounted enclosure (As illustrated) or panel mounted versions. They come complete with a single SX temperature sensor.





Pola HP-13 Alarm

This unit consists of both a High and Low function which makes it ideal as a temperature alarm unit. Most often used as an independent, back-up alarm for larger control systems. This unit also comes with a large digital display and single SX temperature sensor





Hired Hand Heater

Hired Hand Heaters are manufactured in the USA from the highest quality materials and allow fresh air to be drawn into the house keeping the internal environment free from high humidity and stale air. 225,000 BTU/hr output (LPG)



Turbo-Jet Ceramic Heater

Ceramic Heaters for conventional spot brooding are also available in both gas and electric models.

  N H N H N H N H N H
Chicks or Quails on floor, Layers 120 0.80 200 0.90 400 1.10 600 1.20 1000 1.50
Turkeys 60 0.80 100 0.90 180 1.10 300 1.20 450 1.50
Guinea Hens, Goslings, Ducks 100 0.80 170 0.90 300 1.10 450 1.20 750 1.50
Weaned Pigs 3 - 10 weeks         36 1.60 60 2.00    

N = number of birds

H = Height above ground



I.F.S carry a wide variety of fans in single and three phase. Exhaust and Circulating fans are available in different sizes and power ratings (fixed and variable) to suit most applications.

  • EBM
  • Euroemme (Munters)
  • Fanquip
  • Gigola
  • Pericoli



Cool Pad Systems

IFS proudly supports Munters (Rotem) controllers and monitoring equipment in South Australia and Western Australia

  • Munters celulose pads with plastic evaporative cooling systems
  • Pericoli plastic pads with stainless steel evaporative cooling systems


Wind Speed Meters

Wind speed meters are an ideal tool for cross checking your shed environment.

Some models include Temperature / Humidity / Wind Speed / Chill Factor and other readings to assist in the management of the environment in your shed, giving you great peace of mind. Light (Lux) meters are also available.

Amdec Series III Smart Winches

The Amdec Series 3 Smart Winch continues to build on the reputation of its previous models and is designed for low voltage 24VDC applications including lifting curtains and flaps on smaller applications. This winch can lift using wire rope cable by the addition of the Winch Spool or can operate Rack & Pinion systems with steel pipe connected directly to the out shaft. The winch comes in single or double output varieties for end of shed or middle of shed applications. With external limit switch adjustment the Series 3 is no even easier to use.



Grifco Winches

Designed for lifting larger loads Grifco Winches come in Single or 3 phase options with different models suited to different applications.

Thes include: Poultry Feed Line, Drinker Line, Perch Line and Mini-vent activation.